The Hinteregger family – the good souls at the lodge Kreuzwiese


The farmer and manager of the farm Zalnerhof and the lodge Kreuzwiese is always in action, because the many animals on the farm and on the pasture and the fields require a lot of work.

When during weekends there are many guests, he transforms into a hard-working “dish beautician”. He will be glad to give you helpful hiking tips or to tell you stories and anecdotes about life on the mountain in the past.


Without the kitchen artist, boss and lodge hostess things would stand still on the alp. She will make you fully enjoy your stay and treat you with fantastic culinary delights. From morning to night she is taking care of the well-being of her guests.

And if she happens to have 5 minutes of free time, she picks up her walking sticks and takes a hike into the beautiful natural surroundings, simply to relax.


The eldest son of the Zalner family is responsible for the cheese production. The precious alpine raw milk is transformed into unique delicacies. Since the family farm, especially in the summer, requires a lot of work, he constantly moves between mowers and hay rakes, alpine cheese production and cattle herds.

In the restaurant, he is responsible for particularly exciting wine presentations. If you have any questions about the cheese, the food and beverage combination, the graduate cheese sommelier Johannes will be happy to answer.


As the only daughter of the house, Julia has never had difficulty asserting herself in life.

In the summer she helps out in the lodge, and shows her skills wherever she is needed. After all, as a certified hotel manager she is more than qualified for working in our alpine lodge.


The elder of the Kreuzwiese twins (4 minutes older) – if he’s not in school or in the disco, he is responsible for the whole shebang. He makes sure that mom has always enough fire wood, that the cows and calves on the alp are doing well, and together with Michael he entertains the guests with accordion music.


Michael usually helps in the kitchen – a great choice, since he had the chance to do an internship with a gourmet chef.

Some audio samples by Mani and Michi

Hochachtungsmarsch - Michael Hinteregger Alpler Polka - Manuel Hinteregger Schnapsflaschl-Boarischer