Fine dining in the lodge Kreuzwiese

The South Tyrolean kitchen is known for its seasonal and healthy dishes. In the lodge Kreuzwiese guests can indulge in a cosy atmosphere. Discover the vitality of the South Tyrolean cuisine, the crisp lightness of local wines and the happy sounds of our accordion players. The cook and lodge hostess Martha will take you on a culinary journey where you will discover South Tyrol like never before!

Fine dining in the lodge Kreuzwiese

Traditional cuisine in the lodge Kreuzwiese

Indispensable for the preparation of the healthy and savoury dishes at the lodge is the use of farm products. Dewy vegetables from our garden, fresh organic meat from our own farm and milk products from our dairy transform every meal into a feast for the taste buds. Martha can choose among plenty of ingredients to prepare scrumptious delicacies for our guests – with maximum freshness! Each dish is prepared with traditional wisdom and lots of love.

Alpine dairy

A culinary highlight – The New Year’s Menu

On New Year’s Eve, there will be two types of fireworks at the lodge Kreuzwiese! For one, the guests can enjoy an amazing and colourful New Year’s Eve on the on the Alpe di Luson, on the other, they will experience a firework of the senses. The 6-course New Year’s Menu is a tribute to the South Tyrolean cuisine and an integral part of an unforgettable night.