Unique cheese delicacies – Alpine dairy at the lodge Kreuzwiese

In our alpine dairy, our junior Johannes since several years produces various alpine cheeses and other dairy products. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to taste our fresh or ripened alpine cheese will simply love its truly unique taste.

Alpine dairy

Alpine cheese production with alpine milk and a long tradition

The basis of a hearty and spicy alpine cheese is, of course, the milk. We sit at the source and in our alpine dairy we use only fresh alpine milk from our cows. During the production we stick to the old traditions that were passed down from generation to generation, and combine them with new knowledge and modern hygiene standards. Johannes learned the fine art of cheese production during his education as a cheese maker – the antique recipes were delivered by the grandparents. The guests at the lodge Kreuzwiese in Luson can naturally benefit from the alpine dairy. Yogurt, butter, curd and natural cheeses are served daily – fresh from the dairy. And as a certified cheese sommelier, Johannes can recommend you the best wines, or other beverages, for each cheese plate.

The different cheese types from the alpine dairy

All alpine cheese types reflect the hearty and genuine South Tyrolean taste, the terrain of the Alpe di Luson! Enjoy different types of alpine cheese such as cream cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, or the typical mountain cheeses “Graukas” and “Ziggolan” from our alpine dairy.

Johannes has a special ambition when it comes to compose new flavours. Some specific details unite all alpine cheese types from the alp Kreuzwiese: the exclusive use of natural, “untreated” alpine milk, natural rennet and mountain spring water. The manual treatment is carried out without chemical additives and the cheese loafs mature on massive pine boards in the natural basement, without artificial cooling.


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