Unforgettable alpine holidays at the lodge Kreuzwiese in South Tyrol

To experience a holiday in an alpine lodge on the Alp Kreuzwiese, means not only to spend time in a stunning natural scenery, but will also take you on a little journey in time. The old part of the lodge was built in 1932 on the sunny southern slope of Monte Grava at 1925 meters of altitude. One gets the feeling that every stone and every beam has its own history to tell. The resinous larch scent that surrounds this romantic part of the lodge Kreuzwiese is already something very special. But also the new part of the lodge Kreuzwiese – built in 2005 – exudes a cosy and comforting aura and creates together with the older part of the lodge a harmonious and romantic unity. Furthermore, the Hinteregger family lives the South Tyrolean hospitality every day and with all their heart.

alpine holidays at the lodge Kreuzwiese in South Tyrol

Holiday at the hut – South Tyrol

During your lodge holiday in the South Tyrolean Isarco Valley you will discover the legendary world of the Alp Kreuzwiese in Luson. The name Kreuzwiese (“Cross Meadow”) probably derives from an ancient road, field or weather cross. However, the traditional explanation differs.
Apparently an alpine ghost was living on the meadow in Luson, a so-called “Hottile”, teasing mowers and workers. One day “Hottile” went too far with his jokes, and the workers threw their scythes and rakes across each other and thus dispelled the alpine ghost. Not only “Hottile” disappeared, but the event gave the large mountain meadow in the middle of the Alpe di Luson its name.

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